Tool Database Library

The Image2Punch Pro and Genesis Tool database Library currently classifies the tools into 13 categories according to tool shapes; Round, Rectangle, Square, O-Bround Horizontal, O-Bround Vertical, Diamond, Octagon, Hexagon, Cluster Type 1, Cluster Type 2, Cluster Type 3 and Cluster Type 4. On the other hand, For Image2Punch Lite, it only consists of a single tool type: round shape.

To add a new tool to the Tool Database Library for both Pro and genesis, select the appropriate category for your new tool. For example, to add a rectangular tool, open the Rectangle Tool Database either by clicking its graphical button on the Tool Database toolbar or by clicking Rectangle on the Tooling child menu. A Rectangle Tool Database dialog box opens to let you add the new tool.

The Tool Database dialog boxes for each category share similar dialog box structures;

  • Graphical Tool Property icon
  • Add Tool button
  • Remove Tool button
  • Apply Tool button
  • Close button
  • Tool Listing Area


Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The Round Tool Database dialog box which is available for all Image2Punch Software

The Graphical Tool Property icon is located in the upper left-hand corner of the dialog box. It contains graphical information about the tool and the tool properties. You can define the tool’s parameters in Tool Listing Area.

Clicking the Add Tool button will add a new tool to a new row in the Tool Listing Area. Every time a new tool is added, all the parameter is assign to specific name or value where you can modify according to the parameter of the new tool you want to add.

To remove an existing tool from the Tool Database Library, first, select the existing tool by clicking the “side header” of the tool either on the left “side header” or on the right “side header”. When the tool is highlighted, clicking the Remove button removes the tool from the Tool Database Library.

To prevent the loss of modification, alteration, deletion or tool additions, click the Apply button as soon as you have modified the Tool Database Library. These actions are only recorded in the application’s memory so are only in effect as long as Image2Punch Pro is running on your system. Once you close the application modifications to the Tool Database Library cannot be retrieved, Clicking the Apply button saves all the data in the Tool Database Library into a permanent medium (i.e. as a file inside Image2Punch Pro folder).

To close the Tool Database dialog box, click the Close button located in the lower left corner.

In Tool Listing Area, three columns are always present in any Tool Database dialog box. They are Tool, Name, Colour and Station. Tool Name allows you to name your tool, Colour defines the colour of the tool and Station defines the tool’s location. (the latter only applies if the perforated pattern is to be used for a turret punch machine).

The other columns, which may be found in any Tool Database dialog, define the tools’ physical parameters in particular categories. For example, in the Rectangle Tool Database dialog box, there are two other columns; W for Width and H for Height which define the width and the height of the tool.