Statistic Report

All the information relating to the perforated pattern generated can be viewed and printed by clicking the Statistic button on the Standard toolbar. Clicking Statistic on the Tooling menu of the Menu toolbar opens the Statistic Report dialog box. Use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons, located at the top section of the window, to display the information in larger or smaller format. You can also print a statistic report by clicking the Print button on the upper left corner of Statistic Report window. Lastly, to close the Statistic Report dialog, click the Close button.

Information on the Statistic Report is classified into 4 groups;

  • Report Header
  • Report Footer
  • Perforated Pattern Detail and
  • Tooling Description.


Under Report Header, the Image2Punch‘s logo and information about the current version of Image2Punch Pro, websites as well as e-mail is displayed. The user name and its location/company in the Statistic Report are also displayed.

Under Report Footer, the current Image2Punch Software will be displayed as well as the date and time stamp.

Under Perforated Pattern Detail, all the information will be as per illustration below.


Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The Statistic Report Dialog

Under Tooling description, presented in table format, the information focuses on the detail of each defined tool. It consists of 7 columns where the amount of data depends on the number of tools you have selected. The tools are sorted according to tool category and are sequenced in their categories. For example, the Round Tool Category is the first Category in the Tool Database Library while the Square Tool Category is the second.


 The columns are as follows;

  1. No. – used for numbering
  2. Tool Type – gives information about the tool type and its category name (e.g. round, obround-v,octagon, etc)
  3. Description – gives information about the tool itself (the name of the tool).
  4. Tool Hits– gives information about the number of times a selected tool has been used to generate the perforated pattern design
  5. Station – gives information about the station number (location) of the selected tool
  6. Total Area – gives information about the total area of all the “Tool Hits” formed by this tool in square meters
  7. Open Area – gives information about the percentages of open area formed by “Tool Hits” of this particular tool against the sheet size