Demonstration and Tutorial Movies


An Introduction of Image2Punch from Business Perspective

An introduction movie from a business point of views about Image2Punch, and  how the software can open a new market opportunity in sheet metal perforation project.

General Introduction of Image2Punch

An introduction in using Image2Punch to generate image-based perforated pattern design from scratch to the final stage by saving it in  DXF file format. In this part, the movie is divided into 5 smaller movies to reduce the file size. The movies starts by introducing the Graphical User Interface (GUI) design of Image2Punch. The next stage is to show you how to create a new image document and perform some image editing on that document.

The next stage is to show you how to use an existing image document and perform image manipulation on that document in the Imaging Design phase. After that, the next  stage is to show you how to define the parameters before generating the perforated pattern design in the Tooling Generation phase. The movie of this part is to show you designing the perforated pattern by changing the perforated pattern type and other parameters to create a desired perforated pattern design that represents the image that satisfy the user/ designer.

New Features in Image2Punch Version 3.0

 This part consists of 9 small movies that will show you new features that has been implemented and developed on the 3rd version of Image2Punch. The list of the new features are:

  • Application Themes
  • Tooling Database Management
  • Rotation on Tool
  • Unit Measurement
  • Rotation on Perforated Panel
  • Material Database Management
  • Laser Mode Tooling
  • Cluster Recognition


Applying Cluster Recognition

This movie is dedicated for those who want to use cluster recognition in order to reduce the tool hits for their CNC Turret Punch machine tool to manufacture image-based perforated pattern produced by Image2Punch Pro.



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