New Features in Image2Punch Version 5.3.0


Tool Configuration Template

In version 5th, The main development is to make Image2Punch ‘s user works effectively and efficiently by letting them to save the tool configuration so it will be the same configuration when another image is opened or created.


As it can be seen from the illustration below, 4 item menus has been added to Import and load another configuration from a file, to export and save it into a file, to recall the default tool configuration or to set the current tool configuration as the default.


 Tool configuration template

All these features to save/load the tool configuration are located in Tooling Menu


Add As Group in Tooling Punch Mode 

The basic idea of this feature is to enable the user to add a collection of available tools of particular shape based on the maximum and minimum criteria.

By doing this, a user do not have to add the tool one at the time. This will be very usefull if a user want to have a lot of tool variation when generating an image based perforated pattern.


Add as group tool punching mode

 The illustration above shows how to use the "Add As Group Tooling" feature



Random feature Pattern Type

Random Pattern is a new feature introduced in Image2Punch Pro version 5.3. This feature is the beginning of non uniform hole placement.

This is a new approached that can representing the original image in such a way that will required less holes. At this stage the option in using both random features are to define the maximum probability points to generate the random point that meet the minimum gap clearance requirement.

In random 1 pattern, the minimum gap will be calculated based on the maximum counding circle of the tools. However, the random pattern 2, each individual candidate will calculate its minimum distance from the surrounding holes. Therefore the random 2 pattern will take longer computation. The ideal purposes for the random 2 pattern is to generate perforated pattern for logo and any abstract image.


Add as group tool punching mode

 The illustration above shows a sample created by Random feature type 1

random feature parameter 

The illustration above shows how to use the Random Type 1 on the dialog box



Bordering option for the perforated sheet

This feature was requested by some Image2Punch Pro's customer to help them to create a pattern with border.

All the border can be defined in Material Property. When clicking the Material Property button, User will have the option to define the value for each particular border ( Top, Bottom, Left and Right).


border feature

 The illustration above shows how to define the border parameter for the sheet



Inclination Angle for rectangular and Angular Patternt

This feature was requested by some Image2Punch Pro's customer to enable them to rotate the pattern from -60 degree to 60 degree. By doing this user will have a greater option as to how he/she design will fit into particular building architecture.


inclination feature for angular and rectangular pattern

  The illustration above shows the result when the inclination angle set on 45 degree for  rectangular pattern