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New Features in Image2Punch Version 3.xx


Significant developments had been done after releasing the 2nd version of Image2Punch. As a result of this, there are many great features added on the 3rd version of Image2Punch. Brief descriptions of all the new features included in the 3rd version are:

Demonstration and Tutorial Movies


An Introduction of Image2Punch from Business Perspective

An introduction movie from a business point of views about Image2Punch, and  how the software can open a new market opportunity in sheet metal perforation project.

More Hole Type is Better


More holes variation is likely to give a better result. In most cases, this is simply because the more holes that are used, the greater is the information that will be captured during the conversion process to generate the perforated pattern. As can be seen on the two illustrations below, the top picture uses only two type of holes and the bottom picture uses more hole types.

Technical Support


Presentation Movies

A collection of movies which are written to get to know about Image2Punch.


Image2Punch Tutorials

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