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Getting more punch life

Alternate tooling alloy and coating reduce friction, heat buildup

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This article comments on the longer lifetime of Durasteel tm punching tool that had been coated with a special coating treatment, and compares it to an ordinary high speed steel-made punching tool. This special tool, a product of Mate Precision Tooling, prolongs the lifetime of the punch tool. It will reduce by 20 percent the time spent on re-sharpening and uptiming the punching process.

Although this article is educational information about the commercial product, Mate Precision Tooling, it is still worth reading. More information about this article can be read online by clicking the link above.


Five ways to add punch to productivity

Eliminate, opti-mate,renovate, coordinate, consolidate

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This article discusses five basic steps to improve and maintain the productivity of turret punch presses. The first step is to eliminate the shearing process during fabrication, to make the final product less expensive. The second step is to reduce the material cost:  nesting a non-uniform component is more favorable because the smaller component can be nested in unused areas among large components. Scheduling regular machine maintenance is the next step to improve productivity. By doing this, the machine lifetime will be prolonged and a good atmosphere of quality is created. The fourth step is to conduct tooling maintenance and setup while the machine is running. The last step is to consolidate the manufacturing steps into one operation.

This is very good article to refresh a turret punch press operator and programmer’s knowledge of the importance of those five basic steps to improve productivity in their workshop. More information about this article can be read online by clicking the link above.

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