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How patterns and hole shapes can influence the uses of perforated metals

Writer : Chet W.

Published in :



This article discusses the patterns and hole shapes of perforated metal, which have significant influence on the use of perforated metal. The writer, who has more than 15 years experience in this business, believes that the round hole type and a staggered pattern layout is the most common perforated metal design that can be used in many areas.

More information regarding this article can be read online by clicking the link above.


Turret tooling maintenance manual for thick turret, thin turretand strippit® machines

Writer : Wilson Tool International

Published in : Fabricating and Metalworking, September 2007



This is an electronic manual documentation published by Wilson Tool International to give advice for users of Thick and Thin turret tooling on punch presses machine. It contains many tips and trick to improve the punch tool lifetime. This is a very useful document and can be downloaded by clicking the link above.


Improved tool changeover time and increased tool life for turret punching

Writer : Modern Machine Shop

Published in : Modern Machine Shop



This article is a success story of Diamond Perforated Metals Inc, who invested in a new tooling system from Mate Precision Tooling. This new system improved the tool setup time on their turret punching machine by avoiding the need to use other tools such as wrench, setup fixture and screwdriver. The dies and punches as well as the stripper can be simply snapped on together and configured by hand during the changeover. They also implemented a cluster tool system in order to reduce the punching hits while manufacturing the perforated sheet metal. This not only greatly improved the time but also reduced deformation and bending in the material.

More information regarding their success story and their new tooling system can be read online by clicking the link above. In my opinion, one of the smartest strategies in manufacturing perforated metal is to use a cluster punch which can make the operator/ programmer’s life much easier.

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