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Designing products with perforated metals.

Writer : Steven Ashley

Published in : Mechanical Engineering-CIME



This article is a good source for how to design perforated metal. In the first part of this article, the writer talks about the business history of perforated material in Europe and America. Then he explains the capability of perforated sheet metal in many types of industries such as mining, architecture and many more. In the second part, the writer talks about the manufacturing process of perforated material. Most perforated sheets are manufactured using a special perforated machine, called a perforator. This machine can punch up to 300.000 hits a minute. He also says that the cost of perforated material will depend on the material type, hole shape, thickness and the pattern layout.

In his final part, the writer discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using perforators and Turret punch press machines to manufacture perforated material. He concludes that, for small volume runs and irregular hole positions it is best to use a turret punch press. On the other hand, for large scale volume and uniform pattern, no machine cab beats perforators to create perforated sheet metal.

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Design and everyday use of perforated stainless steel

Writer : Chet W.

Published in :



This article concerns stainless steel which is specifically used as perforated material applied for many industries. The writer also covers the manufacturing process of perforation and the two types of production processes. The main reason for using stainless steel as a perforated material is the corrosion- resistant factor, one of the greatest characteristics of stainless steel. Thus, perforated stainless steel has been widely used in architectural components such as building façades and separators. It has also been widely used in liquid filtration.

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