Rotation on Tool

To change the tool angle, or to rotate the tool of a particular tooling type on your tooling database, user can define the rotation angle on the column “A”. The “A” stand for Angle and the rotation is permitted from 0 degree (as default) to 360 degree clockwise.

In the illustration below the OBround Horizontal tool database dialog box has been open and the tool rotation of the three tools in this group has been set up as 0 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree respectively.

New Features by Image2punch
The OBround Horizontal Tool Database dialog box on Image2Punch Pro and Genesis

 New Features by Image2punch
A cluster tool of 3X3 that has been set to default rotation.


New Features by Image2punch
A cluser tool of 3X3 that has been set to 30 degree rotation


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