New Features in Image2Punch Version 4.xx

Significant developments had been developed and included in the 4th version of Image2Punch. These features are;

  • Custom Tool Shape from DXF File: This feature is to enable user to import a custom size that has been saved in a DXF format. This newest development has pushed Image2Punch usefulness into a new limit where a broader perforated metal design can be achieved easily and sophisticatedly. The Tool database dialog box has also been improved to let the customer see the parameter changed toward particular tool “on-the-fly”. This means that the geometric information can be seen as a pictorial icon by the illustration area on the left hand side of the dialog box.
  • DXF Quick Link Menus: The basic idea of this feature is to enable the user to open the DXF file automatically into a desired CAD/CAM program such as AutoCAD, MetaCAM or any other CAD/CAM software that can read a DXF file format. For more information, please refer to DXF Quick Link Menu sub topic.
  • Data Range Classification (Improved): On this 4th version, the way the data range is classified is improved from 3 options in the previous version and becoming 7 sophisticated options. A user is also able to setup the parameter for the non punch tool area by increasing the value to make larger non punch area within the perforated pattern design or to abolish the non punch area and so all the perforated pattern will occupy the whole perforated area. For more information, please refer to Data range Classification sub topic.
  • Cluster Tool Recognition (Improved): In version 4.2b, the algorithm in calculating the cluster recognition has been improved by adding segmentation controls. This will improved the speed in doing the calculation wihtout having to wait in much longer time like in the previous version. Other thinks are there are two additional predefined cluster tool that can be used for cluster tool recognition. 
  • Saving Perforated Pattern as Image (Improved): In version 4.2b, I have modified the way the perforated pattern is saved as an image.This modification will make the use of Image2Punch more intuitive and easy.


Besides all these new features on the 4th  version of Image2Punch, a number of internal programming bugs had also been fixed and the performance in viewing the perforated pattern has also been tweaked to improve the speed.

This 4th version is not the end of Image2Punch, I am still doing some researches to enhance and bring Image2Punch up into another level of usefullness and creativities.

Please click each particular feature to see more information about it.