How to get cad-files (dxf\dwg) from ex Autocad and into the image2Punch program. I get the message: unrecognized file format when I try to get cad-files into the image2punch program!!!! Do you have an easy (or not) way to do this?

Image2Punch cannot read any vector files ( ie. DXF or DWG), What I usually do is to save that vector file into a raster format (such as BMP, PNG or TIFF), then I can open them into Image2Punch, or probably I will do some editing by using graphics software such as GIMP (free software) or Adobe Photoshop.

To save into an image from any CAD files in Autocad, you need to go to File Menu on AutoCAD, then find Export menu item, then after you click a dialog box will be opened where you can save the file into BMP or any raster file.

I hope this will help you. Thank you for your questions and I try to add this feature into the minor release of the current Image2Punch Pro, Lite and Genesis ( e.g. version 3.1) by enabling the clipboard / print screen feature to be passed into Image2Punch application.