We are suppliers of perforated metal in Sydney, and are interested in your software. We use a contractor for our specialised punching – the machines are Strippit and Amada.
Does your programme work with these machines? Are we able to do all the programming for them? Can your sample programmes to be used to try this software?
Can this be programmed for a large image using several sheets of material – e.g. car park fascia?

Basically, Image2Punch is used to produce a perforated metal pattern (in DXF format) as tooling layout for any turret punch software (eg. Jetcam, SMP/IP, Sigmanest or Amada software).

The output of the perforated metal pattern from the software will be compatible with your contractor’s turret punch machine as the output will be in DXF format, which I believe is a common input file for any CAD/CAM software. Image2Punch, at this stage, is not a type of CAM software which produces NC code (or G code) for CNC machine. However, you could design the perforated metal pattern and create a DXF file, then give the file to your contractor for them to create the G code for their machine, and finally produce the perforated sheet metal. We have provided a sample demo in DXF file which can be used for internal (not commercial) purposes. Feel free to use them. The demo can be downloaded from our website. You can also download Image2Punch and try it. It can produce DXF file which has limitations only for 2000 tool hits. It also can be downloaded from www.image2punch.com

Yes, you can create a large perforated pattern to be divided into several sheet. However, you will need Autocad or Autocad-cloned software to make it into several sheets. A sample illustration has been created and you can see them here. I also recommend separating the very large size perforated metal design into several sheets. This will make it much easier to manufacture the perforated metal sheets to be used as car park fascias or swimming pool fences (preventing bowing and distortion).

A tutorial to create a large perforated pattern sheet by conducting modification in AutoCAD or an AutoCAD-cloned software can be seen on our website by clicking here.