We are one of the largest producers of perforated product in the UK and have been looking for this kind of software for sometime. Is it possible to isolate each tool on the dxf file?

For instance, if using a 6mm diameter punch and a 12mm diameter punch, could we have one drawing containing only the 6mm holes and another with the 12mm holes, without having to manually delete the holes?

We currently do this on Autocad by drawing each hole size using a different layer and switching layers on or off where required.

In the first version, the ability to separate each tool type into a different layer was not yet applied. Fortunately, this has been included in the 2nd version of both Image2Punch Pro and Genesis.

If you only use a primitive object such as hole, the quickest trick to separate them into different layers, or to delete them is;

  1. Select all holes
  2. Open the “Property dialog box “on “Tool menu”.
  3. Click the “Quick Select Button” to open the quick select dialog box (usually this is located on the top right corner of this dialog box)
  4. From that dialog box, you can choose Circle, as object type, and then choose Radius or Diameter in the property combo box
  5. Then chose equal (=) as the operator
  6. Next, give the parameter value on the value box (for example if you want to delete the 6mm hole diameter, just type 6 in the value input box).
  7. Then, click ok and the particular circle size that you want to delete, or move into another layer, is selected