I would like to buy your software (Image2Punch), but I discovered one problem: when I'm using the trial version, and converting the image to dxf punch file using the round tool, the Autocad shows a dot in each circle centre. This is very disturbing in Trumpf (Trutops Software) My Question is: How can I avoid the centre dot in the circle? I just need the circles only. 

By default, all Image2Punch perforated patterns have a centre point for each hole. However, this can be avoided by changing the output setting on Setting preference.

You may click “Setting Preference” on the “File Menu”. Then, a dialog box is opened to let you select the type of output you like. If you do not want to have a centre point for each “hole”, you may click the button with a circle icon till the centre point of the icon is gone. Doing that, your DXF file will have no centre point at all after you generate. Since the 2nd version of Image2Punch, the user can also enable each hole type to be saved in different layer. This feature will make the user eases in modifying the perforated pattern.