I’m currently testing your Lite version to see if it’ll fit our needs, so far it seems really promising however some issues arise when working with the trial.

I’ve got an image made in Photoshop, whic for testing is just a basic circle with a gradient fading to the background colour. I then create 7 tools ranging in diameter from 6mm to 30mm with a minimum distance of 5mm. When I generate the sheet the result looks nice except there are two problems I can’t seem to get around.

Firstly, the largest of my tools (30mm) is never used even though my black is black. Secondly, a complete row of holes are punched in the left and bottom edge no matter how I treat the image in Photoshop. Edges are white, compression is off, alpha is zero. Are these limitations to the software or the trial version?

It was algorithm bugs / programming errors in Image2Punch Pro. This bug has been fixed on the 3rd version of Image2Punch.  The 2nd problem has also been eliminated and I am trying to refine/ modify the algorithm to get better result in the following released. If, for some cases the problems occur, you can just use  Autocad or Progecad (i.e. one of Autocad-cloned software) to get rid of unnecessary tool hit row.

Please download our latest version and compare the experimental result to see if the bugs are still exist or not.