I work for a metal fabrication company in the United States. 

We are very interested in the software that you offer.  (Image2punch pro)  I plan on Using the Genius software as a test, but had a few questions that I was hoping you could answer. Can we create custom tools for the tool library database.  We have several custom shapes that are not represented in the library. Do you have versions of the software that are not metric or does the pro version have system choices for others. Is the only output for can a DXF file.  If so what type.  We currently run Solidworks. 

I must say that the software looks great.  I look forward to trying it out and hearing back form you.  

Thank you for your email regarding Image2Punch as perforated pattern software for your sheet metal perforation project.

First of all, the idea to create custom shape had also come into my mind. However at this stage I have just finalized the 3rd version of Image2Punch Pro and am concentrating on releasing it in the mid of this year. I will try to fit this feature in the 4th release of Image2Punch, and if you are able to send me some unique shape, I would probably fit in into the current standard library on the 4th version.

For your second question, I would say the initial design of Image2Punch was only aimed to cater my need as a CNC programmer and operator in New Zealand ( i.e. we use metric system in here). Fortunately, This feature has been included into the 3rd version.  For more information regarding the new features included in the 3rd version you can visit this link by clicking here

For your last question,  I believe Solidworks is able to read DXF format and all the 3D design in the website are designed by using SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor as well as Solid Edge. The DXF version is Autocad 2000.

I would be glad if you have some more questions regarding Image2Punch Pro. Please download our latest trial version to see if Image2Punch will suit your perforated sheet metal project.