I visited your website and I downloaded the trial version of Image2punch pro. We are very much interested in this software.

But before we go further we need to clarify the following: Is this software was developed in New Zealand?  Do this software has anything to do with Israel? (We ask this because of the star shape in your drawing tool menu) When we produce the DXF file from the trial version, the number of holes is limited to 2000. Do the licensed version has the same limitation? If we buy the software, it will be one time payment or there will be some annual fees for upgrade? What will be the final discounted price for the full version of the   image2punch pro software?

I thank you for your enquiries regarding Image2Punch Pro software. In this email I will try to give the answer for your questions.

  • This software was developed by me, Fransiscus Asisi Herry, in New Zealand. The “Star” symbols are there to support our customer to improve their image and there is nothing to do with Israel. I have just realized this matter because of your question and I may change the star shape in the future and replace them with the polygon shapes. However, at the moment, I do not have any plan to modify or change the basic shape features in Image2Punch.
  • The Image2Punch Pro version has no limit in generating perforated pattern holes. However if you purchase our Image2Punch Lite version, it will be limited to 15000 holes only.
  • I do not sell the software but only the commercial licence to give right to our customer to use Image2Punch for their commercial reasons. The purchasing of licence will allow our customer to use Image2Punch without any time limitation. Please read our End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that come with any trial version of Image2Punch. If there are any bugs found, we will release the updated version for free. In addition, there is no annual fee and we will give the next version free of charge to our customer. For example, if you purchase the licence for version 2.0, you will get free upgrade up to version 3.0. However, you will be charged 50% from the current licence price if you want to upgrade to version 4.0 in the future. We also offer discounted up to 55% if you buy several licences. For your information, all Image2Punch software can only be installed in one computer and will need a machine code to make the software run properly. I suggest you to go to visit our website at www.image2punch.com for more information.
  • There will be no discount price at the moment because the introduction period of Image2Punch has been long gone. We only give the discount price if you buy multi licence for your company.


If you still have more questions, I would be glad to answer according to my knowledge and would be very happy if I can help you to create a new market opportunity for your perforated metal project. Image2Punch and Aucad Drafting limited are established to specifically cater all the need in metal perforation project without any other purposes.

Our motto in Aucad Drafting Ltd. is “Be Honest and Be Profitable”. We do not have any affiliation with other countries or religious bodies in the world, except our business is currently based in New Zealand and we follow all the rules of New Zealand Government in term of running business.