What is the relation between multiple licencing and discounting in purchasing the future version’s licence?

If you purchase a single licence or several licences, the discount for the future version will be applied either as a single licence or as several licences (depending on your initial purchase). You cannot get the discount for multiple licence upgrades if you only buy a single licence. Also, you cannot get a discount upgrade for a single licence if you buy multiple licences beforehand.

For example, if you buy 5 licences for Image2Punch Pro version 3, you will pay $ 1922.25 USD. Automatically, you will be entitled to 5 free licences for Image2Punch Pro version 4. However, you need to purchase 5 licences with the discount of 50% of its current licence fee if you want to get Image2Punch Pro version 5.0 or version 6.0 (i.e. $961.125 USD if the current licence fee is $699 USD).

If you want to purchase the upgraded version, please contact Aucad Drafting Limited for further details.