Can you clarify the difference between the Pro and Light version of your software? The website is not completely clear to me.  All I am seeing as the benefits of one over the other is upgrading to newer versions & client server mode. Are there any hole limits, file size limits, file format options, etc?

Thank you for your enquiry about Image2Punch.

The major different between the Pro and the Lite version besides the free upgrade up to the next version and Client/Server scheme is the limitation of the total hole that can be produced. For Lite version, the total holes are limited to 15000 tool hits while the Pro version is unlimited. The perforated pattern of the Lite version is also limited to angle pattern and square pattern, while the Pro version can generated the spiral and circular pattern.

In the current version,(3rd version), The Pro version of Image2Punch has been equipped with a significant new feature for the Turret Punch machine tool: Cluster Recognition. This feature will attempt to reduce the number of “toolhits” for Turret Punch machine by using a specific cluster tools. For more information about this feature and a tutorial to apply cluster recognition can be seen in our website by clicking here.

More information about the three variants of Image2Punch can be seen in our website, or by clicking here.

The current vector output file format for the Pro and Lite version is in DXF format which can be used for further processes ( eg, as a perforated pattern layout for CNC program). I would strongly suggest you to download the demo version of all Image2Punch software to find the best suit of perforated pattern application for your project.