Is Image2Punch an application for converting a sketch drawing into a CAD file? I have a CNC profile cutting machine and I need to convert my hand sketched design into DWG/DXF file(s) for profiling and contouring. Has the software been designed for this purpose?

Basically the software is able to convert any digital image into a perforated pattern design. The software can also be used for a plasma machine. I think what you want is software that can be used to create a path or a polyline from any image into DXF/DWG format for your plasma machine. I know it will take much time to create drawing parts and component for a machine to cut from a scanned image. I understand that there is plenty of software that can be used specifically to generate a DXF file automatically from any image for your art cuttings. 

In my opinion, you could just “google” using some relevant keywords to find a suitable program for you, like “DXF Vectorizing”, "convert image into DXF" for example. I would be pleased if you want to try Image2Punch for your plasma cutting project. Image2Punch has not yet been used to layout a perforated metal project for plasma/laser cutting, but is possible to do this.