I am just wondering beside me. Is there any other that making product like me? I found difficulties in making perforated example: my customer have design which he took it from the wallpaper. So what I did was scanned and transferred it to image punch program but the result of the perforated was not good enough? It did not look solid. Why is that? I tried everything. So for the solution, I have transferred the results into Autocad and edited by myself again. Thanks for the help maybe we should have more communication so who knows can help each others.

Yes, there are some companies that making perforated metal based on an image like you and I have sold Image2Punch Pro and Lite as well as the CAD conversion service to 14 countries around the world. Most customers come from European countries, some from Australia as well as The United State.

Some of the customers have sent me some photographs and I have put them into a special page on the website by clicking here.

As far as I know, there are some big company in Australia that has capabilities to produce custom perforated pattern based on an image, they are not using Image2Punch software but instead they have used their own software. Basically whatever they (other companies) produce, image2Punch can relatively generated the same results. If you want to get more inspirations and ideas about image-based perforated pattern design you can visit this link here.

If you want me to help you in designing perforated pattern, please feel free to send an image and I try my best to create a perforated pattern as close as the initial picture. But I need to know about your tooling database. I have created several article in order to help Image2Punch user to generate image-based perforated metal, you can also visit this link here.

There are also some video demonstration to introduce the general features of Image2Punch as well as some new features added in the 3rd version by visit this link here

I hope this help and can generate more business opportunities for you. Please feel free to asking more about image-based perforated pattern.