Calculating the Perforated Pattern Cluster

In this tutorial, we would like to use 6mm Diameter hole for our image based perforated pattern and the minimum gap between two holes is 2.5mm. Then we consider the perforated pattern type we are going to use is 60 degree pattern. From here we can either manually calculate the parameter for our cluster punch or just draw it onto CAD software such as AutoCAD® Software.  From our calculation, or after we draw it into a CAD software, we can get more information as illustrated below.

From that illustration, we consider to use 2X3 staggered cluster pattern with negative offset. The Offset value will be -2.125mm and the Height will be 7.3612mm.

Cluster<br />
Recognition Turret Punch CNC by Image2punch
The building block of 60 degree perforated pattern and the typical cluster pattern to be used ( i.e. 2X3 STG)




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